Discover what Unbounded Data with Governance can do

What is MiPasa?

MiPasa is a multi-party, multi-source verifiable data sharing platform, built for the challenging road ahead.

Actively supported by some of today’s most powerful technology and research leaders, we have built MiPasa to accelerate global resilience by enabling a trusted, integrated, multiparty, transparent yet privacy-respecting and responsibly-governed data sharing network.

The key is data.

A true data sharing ecosystem already helping to address both the sudden spike in need for verifiable data during the COVID-19 outbreak challenge, as well as deliver future data reasons and certainty, by improving our ability to access, validate and harness data and analytics at scale.

Why Now?

The COVID-19 outbreak: a Cursory Glance at what needs to be transformed digitally, at scale, NOW.

The COVID-19 outbreak has revealed a global lack of verifiable, timely and trusted data in our global data supply chain — from physical goods to digital outbreak data and analytics.

Entire regions and countries are still paralyzed by misinformation, and with a lack of better options, resorting to extreme, sweeping measures that infringe on privacy and severely damage our security, safety and quality of life.

Simply put: data was and is vital for improving readiness and informed decision-making across multiple industries around the globe. In the Coronavirus outbreak, such initiatives have so far been ad-hoc, episodic, siloed, and non-scalable, with many countries and participants still not having access to integrated, trusted, verifiable data and analytics at scale.