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Jun 11, 2020


Adapted data from STAT's Covid-19 Drugs and Vaccine Tracker. Data broken down into frequency of updates and the clinical stage of testing

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dataId Company Stage Description Notes & Updates
93cb0f73-426c-4780-a709-1d21ca2c8e88 CanSino Biologics Phase 1 CanSino Biologics, headquartered in Tianjin, is developing a coronavirus vaccine using the technology that led to a China-approved Ebola virus vaccine. CanSino’s approach involves taking a snippet of coronavirus’ genetic code and entwining it with a harmless virus, thereby exposing healthy volunteers to the novel infection and spurring the production of antibodies. March 17: CanSino begins Phase 1 trial in China
93cb0f73-426c-4780-a709-1d21ca2c8e88 Inovio Pharmaceuticals Phase 1 Inovio has spent the last four decades working to turn DNA into medicine, and the company believes its technology could quickly generate a vaccine for the novel coronavirus. Inovio has come up with a DNA vaccine it believes can generate protective antibodies and keep patients from infection. The company has partnered with a Chinese manufacturer, Beijing Advaccine Biotechnology, to produce the vaccine. April 6: Inovio doses first patient in Phase 1 trial
93cb0f73-426c-4780-a709-1d21ca2c8e88 University of Oxford Phase 1 University of Oxford researchers have developed a potential vaccine that uses a harmless virus engineered to contain the genetic sequence that encodes for a protein on the surface of the novel coronavirus. The researchers, from the University’s Jenner Institute and Oxford Vaccine Group, are working at uncommon speed, starting a placebo-controlled clinical trial while finalizing the manufacturing of their potential vaccine. March 27: Oxford begins recruiting patients for a placebo-controlled trial that will enroll up to 510 healthy volunteers. The vaccine will not be ready for "some weeks," according to the university.
93cb0f73-426c-4780-a709-1d21ca2c8e88 Sinovac Phase 1 Sinovac, headquartered in Beijing, is developing a vaccine using an inactivated version of the novel coronavirus. The company used the same technology to craft approved vaccines for hepatitis A and B; swine flu; avian flu; and the virus that causes hand, foot, and mouth disease. April 17: Sinovac begins a placebo-controlled Phase 1/2 trial, planning to enroll 144 healthy volunteers in China
93cb0f73-426c-4780-a709-1d21ca2c8e88 BioNTech Phase 1 Germany’s BioNTech is working on a multitude of mRNA vaccines for the novel coronavirus, planning to develop them in parallel. Like its competitors, the company uses strands of mRNA to generate protective antibodies. Earlier this month, Shanghai’s Fosun Pharma signed a deal to market BioNTech’s vaccine in China if it’s eventually approved. Pfizer has agreed to co-develop the vaccine in the rest of the world. April 9: BioNTech says it will begin its first human trials "as early as the end of April"
93cb0f73-426c-4780-a709-1d21ca2c8e88 Novavax Phase 1 Novavax is at work on a coronavirus vaccine that begins in the ovaries of an insect. The company’s vaccine platform involves genetically engineering a harmless virus and exposing it to cells isolated from worms. Those cells then churn out the proteins needed to stimulate antibodies, and those proteins become vaccines. For Covid-19, Novavax has isolated the spike protein found on the surface of the novel coronavirus. April 8: Novavax selects a vaccine candidate, planning to begin human trials in May with preliminary data in July