China Coronavirus Timeline

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Jun 15, 2020


Timeline of the coronavirus in China based on publications and news updates

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Date News Update
12/1/2020 The earliest date of symptom onset, according to a study in the journal Lancet.
12/8/2020 A patient in the city of Wuhan sought medical help for pneumonia-like symptoms.
12/29/2020 Local hospitals in Hubei report the first four cases of a “pneumonia of unknown etiology.”
12/31/2020 Wuhan Municipal Health Authorities report a string of pneumonia-like cases in Wuhan, China.
1/1/2020 The seafood market (Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market) that was identified as a suspected center of the outbreak is closed.
1/3/2020 China officially notifies the WHO of an outbreak.
1/14/2020 Wuhan implements screening measures for travelers leaving the city at airports, railway stations, and other passenger terminals.
1/20/2020 China’s CDC announces the coronavirus is categorized as a Class B infectious disease, but states that the agency is adopting Class A measures to prevent and control the virus.
1/21/2020 New cases are announced in China, including in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai.
1/21/2020 Chinese state media raises number of confirmed cases to 291 and confirms 15 medical workers in Wuhan have been diagnosed with pneumonia.
1/21/2020 Hong Kong confirms its first case, a person in their thirties.
1/21/2020 Taiwan confirms its first case, a woman in her fifties.
1/22/2020 WHO meets to discuss whether to declare the outbreak an international health emergency.
1/23/2020 China extends travel restrictions or quarantines to five cities.
1/23/2020 Chinese CDC confirms 571 cases in mainland China and 17 deaths.
1/24/2020 China extends travel restrictions or quarantines to twelve cities.
1/24/2020 Wuhan construction crews are working on two hospitals to treat patients of the outbreak; the first is to be completed on February 3 and the second in early February.
1/26/2020 China bans the trade of wild animals throughout the country, including in markets and online.
1/28/2020 Japan and the United States evacuate their nationals from Wuhan.
1/28/2020 United Airlines suspends all flights to China from the United States. 
1/30/2020 The WHO declares the coronavirus outbreak as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). 
2/1/2020 Wenzhou becomes the first city outside of Hubei province to  implement “special measures” to restrict travel, businesses, and public gatherings.
2/2/2020 Construction on a new hospital in Wuhan is completed within ten days.
2/2/2020 Wuhan tightens quarantine efforts, targeting anyone who has had close contact with confirmed carriers of the virus and people with pneumonia-like symptoms.
2/3/2020 Chinese stock markets plunge on the first trading day after the Lunar New Year.
2/6/2020 Chinese authorities order Wuhan officials to carry out house-to-house searches and house all infected individuals in quarantine centers.
2/7/2020 Li Wenliang, one of the eight whistleblower doctors in Wuhan, dies from the coronavirus.
2/7/2020 Chinese social media is flooded with grief and anger over the passing of Li Wenliang.
2/7/2020 Donald Trump and Xi Jinping speak about the coronavirus, with Trump praising China’s efforts and pledging support.
2/8/2020 WHO announces a team of experts has been assembled, and they are intended to arrive in China within a week.
2/9/2020 The death toll from the novel coronavirus surpasses the toll from the SARS epidemic of 2002-3. 
2/9/2020 China allocates more than $10 billion USD to fight the coronavirus.
2/10/2020 Some Chinese citizens return to work, but many major companies have asked employees to stay home.
2/14/2020 China announces that more than 1,700 health workers in mainland China have become infected.
2/15/2020 Lockdowns and travel restrictions extend to more than 760 million people in China.
2/15/2020 The Guangzhou branch of China’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China, announces that all used banknotes from hospitals, wet markets, and buses will be destroyed to combat COVID-19.
2/24/2020 Chinese officials postpone the National People’s Congress, the most significant political event in China.
3/7/2020 China outlaws eating wild animals
3/9/2020 China reopens schools in Qinghai Province
3/9/2020 WHO reports that more than 70% of coronavirus cases in China have recovered
3/12/2020 Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak records just 5 new cases of coronavirus
3/16/2020 China closes all 16 temporary hospitals in Wuhan. 
3/19/2020 China reports zero new local coronavirus virus infections.  
3/24/2020 China lifts lockdown on Hubei province.  
3/27/2020 China bans foreign visitors after imported cases rise. 
4/8/2020 China lifts its lockdown on Wuhan.