120 Years of Olympics

Sep 10, 2021


From 776 BC to 393 AD, the ancient Olympic Games were held in Olympia, Greece. After 1503 years, it reappeared. In 1896, the first modern Olympics were held in Athens, Greece. All of the Games from Athens 1896 to Rio 2016 are referred to as the “Modern Olympics.” In 1894, Baron Pierre de Coubertin proposed the idea. Between 1912 and 1920, and 1936 and 1948, there are two long periods without any Games, corresponding to WWI and WWII. Perhaps the most important benefit of visual analytics is that it makes complex data easier to interpret while presenting it in a clear, succinct, and suitable manner. This Notebook presents a useful visual analysis of the Olympic games from 1896 to 2016.

What are the sports involved in the Olympics?

Total of 66 unique sports were played. Following is the list: ['Basketball' 'Judo' 'Football' 'Tug-Of-War' 'Speed Skating' 'Cross Country Skiing' 'Athletics' 'Ice Hockey' 'Swimming' 'Badminton' 'Sailing' 'Biathlon' 'Gymnastics' 'Art Competitions' 'Alpine Skiing' 'Handball' 'Weightlifting' 'Wrestling' 'Luge' 'Water Polo' 'Hockey' 'Rowing' 'Bobsleigh' 'Fencing' 'Equestrianism' 'Shooting' 'Boxing' 'Taekwondo' 'Cycling' 'Diving' 'Canoeing' 'Tennis' 'Modern Pentathlon' 'Figure Skating' 'Golf' 'Softball' 'Archery' 'Volleyball' 'Synchronized Swimming' 'Table Tennis' 'Nordic Combined' 'Baseball' 'Rhythmic Gymnastics' 'Freestyle Skiing' 'Rugby Sevens' 'Trampolining' 'Beach Volleyball' 'Triathlon' 'Ski Jumping' 'Curling' 'Snowboarding' 'Rugby' 'Short Track Speed Skating' 'Skeleton' 'Lacrosse' 'Polo' 'Cricket' 'Racquets' 'Motorboating' 'Military Ski Patrol' 'Croquet' 'Jeu De Paume' 'Roque' 'Alpinism' 'Basque Pelota' 'Aeronautics']

A small wordcloud of different sports

Lets have look at how many males and how many females have taken part

Country with maximum gold medals

Most popular sport

Lets see which are the sports USA have won maximum Gold Medals

So they have won maximum gold medals in Swimming

Michael Phelps alone won so many ;)

China have been performing very well in the last few Olympics, lets have a look at their stats

Lets see which are the sports in which males are good and in which females are good

So females are good at Swimming and Athletics and males are good at Badminton, Rowing and Swimming.