US County Personal Loan

Sep 26, 2021


  • In the United States, student debt has grown significantly over the past several decades. The Federal Reserve estimates that in quarter two of 2021, Americans owed a startling USD 1.73 trillion in student loans. The record-breaking total marks an increase of 3 percent compared to quarter two of 2020 — despite a lengthy pause on federal student loan interest rates and the elimination of billions of federally held student loans by the Biden Administration.

  • The decades-long increase in student debt is even more noticeable when compared to decades prior. In quarter two of 2011, Americans owed roughly $905 billion in student loans which means that U.S. student debt has increased by more than 91% in the past decade.

Personal Loan Distribution By County

The top 3 counties with max share are Los Angeles County, Santa Clara and San Diego County

Correlation of attributes

It can be seen that Income,CCAvg, CD_Account, Education and Mortgage are highly correlated to Personal Loan and hence are important in determining the loan amonut and approval in each county

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