Terms of Service

The HACERA MiPasa APIs, SDKs and website applications (“MiPasa Interfaces”) offered are strictly to be used for the Call for Code initiative, and only for a limited period of time, from April 26, 2020 - October 15, 2020. Access and use of data available through the MiPasa Interfaces shall cease upon termination of the Call for Code Global Challenge. The following restrictions apply depending on the nature of data accessed. The MiPasa Interfaces are available for use only to build code or applications submitted for the COVID-19 track of the Call for Code Challenge. Any data or code copied or downloaded from the MiPasa Interfaces, Application must be deleted upon the termination of the Call for Code Global Challenge. Data from MiPasa cannot be used for public safety purposes, or in support of the military, defense, or national security without further legal review in the following countries: Belgium and Spain. After this Call for Code Global Challenge, a rich set of data services are available for purchase through MiPasa or HACERA under separate terms that may contain certain restrictions on the use of the data. For ordering information, consult a MiPasa representative or visit the MiPasa.org website.